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30 May 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Three Rings and You're Out! (1/?)  
Title: Three Rings and You're Out!
Fandom: Bloody Yuletide!
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing/Characters: Nano/Mei with a bit of Nano/Fino friendship. :>
Rating: T for language.
Summary: When you see a "Want a fuck? Call me" sign in an all boys' school's bathroom, you just can't help but be a little bit curious. AU.
Notes: Fino belongs to neko11lover and Mei belongs to wallflowerx07. Other characters that might appear belong to good friends of mine. HEHE. :>

Chapter I.
First Ring

The hair was the cause of suspension this time.

He was thankful that they haven’t discovered the snake tattoo but that wouldn’t be noticed unless they stripped him of his uniform. His newly-dyed hair, however, was easy to spot amidst the crowd of black-haired dicks frolicking around the campus. And so he was told off by his adviser (who he called a dick but it was worth it) and for the third time this month, Adrian got suspended.

The douche of a teacher told him that he should start moving out tomorrow but by fuck’s sakes he decided to start right then. They were in the middle of a class when his phone rang loudly, Fino’s name upon the receiver and his teacher glaring daggers at him.


He answered the phone. And the dickbag threw him out of the room.

Truth was, he didn’t even talk to Fino. That bulshitted dick was the reason why he dyed his hair in the first place—mocking him for being a sissy for not getting a Mohawk. The tattoos were okay but a Mohawk was just too fucked-up and Adrian—having a shitty bone structure—can’t sport it like his best friend can.

(Well, he didn’t but that stupid cold shoulder and that stupid shrug were mocking enough.)

So he colored his hair. Got suspended. And locked himself inside the men’s bathroom on the third floor.

His phone was buzzing (he turned it into Silent mode) as he flushed down the remaining shit, cursing the prick who decided not to flush it down. It stank but he doesn’t care, merely shutting the lid close and sitting down.

“You fucked me up. Big time.”

Those were words dedicated to Fino but he doesn’t have the strength to call. In fact, he knows what the fucker will answer and it doesn’t really help. At all. So why bother getting some shitty comfort for someone who dipped him in trouble in the first place?


He closed the door and scowled, the light from the small awning window near the end of the lavatory not sinking inside his privy bathroom stall. Adrian gazed at the door that covered him from the outside, scrutinizing it. The blue paint was chipped and there were some blisters near the foot of the cubicle door. The hinges were tinged with rust and the wood filled with holes. But he didn’t care about those little shits. He’s not a fucking janitor.

The writings. Those caught his attention. The cubicle door was filled with so many vandals—from scratches to ballpen marks to fucking markers. They were everywhere—stickmen and artistic drawings, love confessions (dickheads it’s an all-boys’ school) and silly jokes, vulgar messages to religious preaches—and Adrian decided that maybe, being thrown out of class isn’t totally a bad thing.

Want a fuck? Call me.


The hearts around it were sickening to look at.

Various arrows pointed towards the number—“Gay” “What a dick” “Want some cock, ass?”—and Adrian couldn’t help but think of how stupid the guy was to write a fuck invitation in a cubicle. Of an all boys’ school’s comfort room.

But hey, he was pissed. Might as well piss somebody else.

So he dialed the number. Placed the receiver against his ear. And waited.


“What the fuck?! A woman?!”

“Uh, yes? Do I sound like a man to you? And please don’t curs—“

“Fuck. Why are you a fucking woman?”

“What?! Are you insulting me? And I told you not to curse—“

“Your number’s on the cubicle door of St. Martin’s. An all-fucking-boys’ school. Care to explain, sweetie?”

“Wha—How’d it ge—“ Silence. “Ugh. Richard.”

Richard? That running-for-valedictorian Richard? Now this is getting interesting. Adrian licked his lips and shifted in his seat, not even bothering to care about the stinking odor inside the toilet. The shit can go back up for all he cares.

“Wait. Who is this? How did you get my number?”

“It seems your dearest Richard placed your number on the cubicle door with “Want a Fuck? Call Me” on it.”

She gasped on the other end of the line and Adrian rolled his eyes, sticking out his tongue as he pretended to vomit in silence. Ugh. Girls. Sometimes they just make him feel sick in the pit.

“I’m going to kill him!!!” Well, she sounds pretty pissed. Might as well enjoy the way she tells the goody-goody Richard’s secrets. “And please tell me who you are.”

Hell no, woman. He cleared his throat and scratched his nose, slouching on the toilet. “Nano.”

Well, that’s a pretty cool name.

“Mr. Nano,” Woah. She sounded really angry. Adrian sat up straight and pressed the receiver closer, wanting to hear the next words. This oughta be good.

“Can you tell my ex-boyfriend that not everyone wants to fuck a virgin like him who doesn’t even know foreplay!”

And the line was cut.

Adrian blinked and grinned, taking out a pen.

Oh this is good.