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29 December 2012 @ 03:54 pm
Vita Vite (1/6)  
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Tom Riddle Jr./Hermione Granger
Summary: She lives to destroy the greatest man alive. And dies to uplift the most villainous man of them all. AU.
Note: A Christmas gift for Miya || prompt: Destruction

Vita Vite
A/N This story is set in the years chronicling the years Tom Riddle searched and created his Horcruxes. The alternate universe comprises the fact that Hermione is a part of his timeline and not a friend of Harry Potter, in which she plays a vital role in Riddle's life.
Chapter 1. Mortem Innocentiae

November 18, 1943

It was an easy task—to kill a child.

I had always been amazed with how painfully easy it was to take a life. How Death can be sitting beside you and how even an adolescent like himself was able to control it.

It fascinated me. And frightened me.

This is my first time. The testing of the theory that Slughorn had so carelessly blabbed on about—the secret to a life that evades Death. My pet was easy enough to manage and the blood of mud flowing in that nameless child’s body was enough to excite me to no end.

Killing is my freedom. It is a form of expression that I have exercised since I was merely a boy and it has always been my shield from the outside world. No one to enter and no one to monopolize me. I is the Heir of Slytherin—a lord in the making and no one would be able to defy me once eternal life is in my hands—


The diary was shut and he subtly placed his quill down, craning his head to gaze upon the intruder. He was about to extract his soul and place an enchantment upon his diary, the reward for killing the mudblood. He knew that he was alone for he has forbidden every Slytherin to enter his quarters for the night. The magic required is powerful and requires much concentration and being walked upon is not one of his wishes at the moment.

Those were the rules. They were his subjects. They had to obey him.

“Your pathetic lackeys are petrified for getting in my way. Now. Give me my badge.”

But rules never applied to this…pest.

“You—of all people—have no right to take away my Prefect badge! And for the stupid reason of being in danger—HA!”

She should have been the one on the receiving end of the Basilisk’s stare. She was supposed to be the mudblood that I was going to kill.

“Now stop writing on that filthy diary of yours and get on with it!”

He was ready to strike that night. Ready to let his pet snake strangle the air out of her lungs and stare deep into her eyes. She was supposed to be the price for his immortality—his test subject on whether or not Death can be prevented through dark magic.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Granger,” he smirked and retrieved the badge with a quick Accio, playing with it in his hand. “I polished it for you, after all.”

But she was too interesting…too…clever to fall for his plans. Yes, she would merely have herself petrified, instead. And that wouldn’t be too good. Knowing her, she would be able to crack the code and realize what monster lures within the pipes of Hogwarts and the well-thought plan of blaming Hagrid would all be for naught.

It was a good thing another girl appeared that night. Another faceless prey that had been subjected to death by his bidding.

Tom smirked and stood, watching the girl as she fumed. She had always been the one to defy him, the one to express her thoughts and not be swooned by his charm. Of all things, she thought of him as a hindrance—someone she wanted to defeat.

Silly girl. She had been taking him too lightly.

He placed the diary inside his drawer and played with the badge once more, his wand levitating it in midair. He toyed with her for a bit, wanting to see if she would try to reach for the badge herself or merely account to him how annoyed she is—


An eyebrow rose. A glare intensified. Tom grinned and drew out his wand.

The diary could wait.