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20 November 2011 @ 06:48 pm
Sex Education 101  
Title: Sex Education 101
Summary: Sometimes, being too honest can lead to something bad...and humiliating. Gabriel/Alaina/Uriel goodness!
Rating: T for sexual innuendos.
Written for: wallflowerx07 || prompt: Kinky

Sex Education 101

"Hey daddy, what does kinky mean?"

Gab almost spat out the overly-sweet lemonade they purchased from Katrina, who--apparently--was Uriel's crush.

Uriel...who is now looking at him with cute, innocent eyes...asking him what kinky means.

And being Gab, he just couldn't conjure something up and lie.

"Last week, I told you what sex means," Gab said in a very low voice, looking at the interested kid with serious eyes and letting him not see how he threw the lemonade on the ground. The kid nodded. "Kinky is having sex in another level."

Uriel leaned closer, obviously perked up now. Gab cleared his throat and squashed the cup in his hand.

"When I told you about sex, it's just inserting Uriel Jr. inside a woman's you-know-what--" "Katrina's!" "Yes, Katrina's you-know-what. Anyway, with being kinky...you just come up with all other things you add up to sex--"

"Like what?"

Gab blinked and thought hard about it, trying to lessen the impact the information might give to the kid. And then he perked up, a small smile on his lips.

"I did this to your mom once..."

Later that evening, Gab found himself faced with a very red-faced Lei, kitty ears on her head and a pair of fluffy handcuffs on her wrist. Uriel was dragging his mom towards his general direction, shouting "Cunnilinungis, cununling and cumunungus" (which, apparently, should mean cunnilingus) and "DEMO! DEMO! DEMOOO!" in a very loud voice, hoping to see what kinky truly meant for his father.

And for a week, Gab slept on the couch.