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21 November 2011 @ 03:46 pm
Hide and Seek  
Title: Hide and Seek
Summary: Kids always choose the best hiding places. Gabriel/Alaina/Uriel goodness!
Rating: T...for innuendos.
Written for: wallflowerx07 || prompt: Underneath

Hide and Seek

It was the perfect hiding place.

Uriel giggled as he hid beneath his parent's huge bed, a grin spreading on his lips. He kept quiet and clasped two hands on his mouth as shadows passed by the bed, truly hoping that it wasn't his playmate.

Well, it couldn't be Jonathan. After all, his parents totally told them to not go inside their room.

But being a Barnes, he just couldn't waste Jonathan's good obedient nature and lose.

So he stayed there for at least two hours (he could wait long), lying on his belly as he played with the small piece of cloth nudged just right in front of him (it looks like a diaper but smaller and...thinner and he really doesn't know). In fact, he even fell asleep, not able to hear Jonathan's words of goodbye as he got called by his nanny for dinner.

The bed dipped. Uriel's eyes snapped open.

"Jonatha--" he stopped as soon as he heard a giggle and a moan, followed by the sounds of the mattress being crawled on. Uriel pouted and just kept his mouth shut, lying now on his back and looking at the bottom of the bed, not knowing what was happening right above him.

"G-Gab..." Uriel blinked, realizing that it was his mommy. "U-Uriel might see...nnnggh..."

"He's with Jonathan..." his daddy! "We can..aaah...have some time together..."

In fact, he wasn't with Jonathan. But he couldn't say that because his daddy sounded so excited to be with his mommy alone. So he just stayed where he was and waited, hearing the throaty moans made by his parents. He was also amazed that the bed moved against the wall, her mother shouting aloud...but daddy never hurt her. Yes...daddy isn't like that.

"M-More! Y-Yes! F-Fuck me harder! Oh Gab! Gab! Ah! Ah!"

And by the sound of it, mommy's enjoying herself.

Uriel waited until his parents' shouting ceased and the bed stopped rocking. He slid out of the bed and looked at his mom and dad, covering his nose at the stinky smell and his eyes when he realized that they were naked.

Guess he'll just ask them tomorrow.

After all, Jonathan might want to know what "Fuck" means, too.