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03 February 2012 @ 09:08 pm
The Lies Behind the Mirror  
Title: The Lies Behind the Mirror
Fandom: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Character/s: Huntsman-centric
Genre: Horror
Summary: Huddled by a fire in the middle of war, the man behind it all decides to tell a story. Huntsman-centric.
Notes: Written for iu_fanfiction WC 39 || My First Kill and to relieve me from my depression. OTL


The Lies Behind the Mirror  

It was a game. A game fueled by bloodlust, powered by the hunger to kill and driven by the stench of blood. It was a game played by men adept to killing, to skewering wild boars that would eagerly fester at the pointy ends of their spears.

It was a game...he was forced to play.

The makeshift table made from oxen skins smelled with the damp earth, their boots and armor filled with mud and blood after the siege that has occurred. The lords they answer to were already dining with their fine cutlery, the flesh and bones of the oxen already laid on their majestic tables while they--the men who shed blood and broke bones for their cause--were left with curdled beans and stale bread.

Yet he has no right to complain. It was already a good thing that he had something to put into his mouth at this ungodly hour of battle.

Not when they're talking about their first kills.

"I heard this laddie smacked that fat arse of a dragon in the field," a man said with boisterous laughter, patting Small Jim on the back and making the beans on his mouth spill on the floor.

He picked the beans up and ate them again, not really caring whether they were dirty or not. Disgusting.

"He did that?" Another cooed, eyeing him with smoke-grey eyes. "I skewered an ogre through the belly, cutting' him open, I'll say."

He snorted. When did these stories started circulating around the throng of warriors anyway? He merely ate his bread in peace, watching them as they started spreading their stories like wildfire amongst the blasted mud-filled tent.

"My first was a witch! I cut off ze head!"

"Gargoyles! Castrated 'em! Bake 'em good and put 'em in the beans."

He spat the beans out as the men roared in approval. He was about to leave when the Old Singer wrapped his clammy fingers around his belt, pulling him to sit.

"And you Ranger?" the voices died down, eyes watching him in apprehension as the Old Singer grinned broadly, crooked teeth showing. "How was yer first kill?"

His black eyes scanned the crowd, a crowd filled with curious faces--strangers.

"A princess," he started, his boots crunching on the muddy ground. "I chased her throughout the forest, her hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow, red as lips as blood."

He could vividly remember it. The chase, the adrenaline, the arousal in his pants.

"I tore her clothes off and traced my blade against her breast, pressing it on her nipples and eyeing her tits with delight. Such beautiful tits they were."

They were watching him, entranced with his story.

"And then I sliced her pale skin, relishing her screams and her tears."

He could almost hear the cries echoing in the dark forest, the trees whispering the tale of his first kill.

"And I cut her chest open, driving my hand inside her body--" He licked his lips and bit them, remembering the cruelty that laced his fingers during that night.

"And tearing her heart out."

The men applauded his story and left him in peace, even giving him another round of the beans and the bread. Yet he could never tell them that he did the deed for the cruel Queen--the Queen their army overthrew, the Queen the mighty Prince skewered and beheaded just a few hours ago. He could not tell them that he killed a boar not a few moments after he killed the princess, offering the animal's heart to the Queen and keeping the Princess in his own box.

After all, she was his. Only his.


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wallflowerx07wallflowerx07 on February 3rd, 2012 01:13 pm (UTC)
This is perfect for the "A different kind of fairytale" theme in my school. *A* If only it wasn't just about drawings. Pero GAH, this is awesome! ♥ I know it's dark, very dark, but I love it. @_@
Inkstained Blade: matsukanishi09's Fanfic Archive: usukinkstainedblade on February 3rd, 2012 01:19 pm (UTC)

Thank you ;o;